Saturday, July 16, 2011


Guided Tour
Right when we got off the bus in Copacabana, a tourist hunter sent us to Hostal Sonia, where they offer amazing rooms with private bathrooms and free use of the kitchen (30 Bs). The hostel´s owners are apathic, but the place is full of backpackers because of the price and the fact that it appears in the Lonely Planet guidebook.


In front of our window we saw a nice hill but when we started climbing it a young man with probably fake tickets tried to charge money from us for the climb, so we gave up. Instead, we went to the beach where we found a very nice local guide which happens to be a dog.


Her tour started in a shaky pier and continued along the shore to the hill watching Copacabana and Titicaca lake.


All the tourists, including us, choked from the climb to 4,000m above sea level (just 120m above the lake), but the view from there was worth it.


The tour ended in the market, where about 10 ladies offer the same menu for fixed prices. Surprisingly our guide left us just before paying time (fish leftovers). When you enter this market, the vendors start shouting their menu at you until you sit down in one of their tables. In the next hall there is the same arrangement, but with coffee, tea and doughnuts. The white church of Copacabana is one of the town´s main attractions, and it is nicer from outside.


We took the opportunity to make a nice meal in the hostel´s kitchen: rice with peanuts, carrots and raisins. Chris from Canada joined us for dinner. He is a Jewish snowboarding instructor who came to live with his girlfriend in Brazil. Since they separated he has been snowboarding all over South America. Our plan to leave at the following day changed when Amit got sick. From then on we drank only bottled water, and Amit started taking antibiotics. The whole day we passed solving crosswords and watching the snow falling. Before leaving, we spent all our Bolivian money on a good breakfast and snacks for the way.


When we left the town, some guy asked us for a favor we didn´t quite understand. We think he wanted us to take a picture of an albino llama. As we didn´t feel like waiting to see what he really wanted, so we just continued towards Peru.

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                       Shoham & Amit
                     South America by Bicycle

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