Sunday, January 23, 2011

Torres del Paine

After the entrance (15,000 CH$), there are 7 km of ups and downs, until you reach the first camp site (near Hotel Las Torres). We asked at the hotel if we could leave our bicycles there for a week, and they said of course (1000 CH$ per bicycle per day). Eventually we left our bicycles behind the house of the van drivers, 300 m from the hotel (thanks Marco!).
After parking we still had time to climb up the mountain to the free camping, leave our stuff there, and continue to Mirrador Las Torres.
At the camping we had the pleasure to meet Ai from Japan, and Kim from South Korea.
We did the whole circuit around the park (about 100 km) in 6 days, and camped wild 2 nights, even though it is forbidden, so as not to pay for the nights.
We enjoyed a lot the less traveled parts of the circuits, in which we met about 6 people per day. On the way we found a tent we carried to the next camp site and an Argentinian guy on the pass, whom we also dragged to the next camp site (litterally). We absolutely recommend to do the circuit counter clockwise, the scenary is better, and you avoid a terrible climb to the pass, from the glacier side. After reaching the pass, there is a beautiful view of Glaciar Grey, which is a huge glacier. We found this the most beautiful part of the park. 
Strike / Free Camping, Free Food
After we finished the hike, we found out there was a strike going on for the past 3 days, due to the raise of gas price (which is actually a reduction of the subsidition on gas). The camp site was free for the night we got there because of all the people stuck in the park. They also cooked the campers a free dinner. At breakfast we got free cookies and brownies and left the park slowly, after meeting two swiss cyclists, Philipp & Isa (, and an interesting argentinian cyclist, Damian (

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