Monday, December 20, 2010


We landed at 21:00 in which is sunset time in Ushuaia. The airport of Ushuaia is situated right on a small peninsuala connected by only one road to the city. The view from the point the airport doors open is stunning. You can see the city and the snowy mountain tops, right on the sea edge. After more than an hour of putting our bicycles together, there was still light outside, and we then started searching for our camping site. No one in Ushuaia knows about it, but it is still the only camping site in the city. After more than an hour of going in circles, we got the phone number of the camping from two nice Italian tourists, and got there in twenty minutes of climbing.

¨La Pista del Andino¨ camping is situated next to the ski resort. From there you have a nice view of the city. The camping offers some good empenadas and cake, and useful facilities, including a partially equiped kitchen. The heart of the camping is, of course, were the food is, and a usually warm shelter from the cold and snow. In the dining room we met kind travellers including some Israelies, an Irish guy, two ¨Kiwis¨ (New Zealanders), an Uruguaian, a Canadian group, and other unidentified nationals.

Snow and Nature
There is not so much to do in Ushuaia, except seeing the glacier and the coastal natural reserve in the east, and walking up and down San Martin Av.. We walked up to the glacier, through the forests for about 3 hours, starting at the ski piste in the camping. On the glacier we found mostly Israelies having snow fights and complaining about how wet they get.

The coastal natural reserve is indeed worth the ride there, but you shouldn´t do our mistake - please hitch-hike to get there and don´t walk! There you can observe a few interesting types of birds including many different kinds of seaguls.

On our way back we got a ride back with locals, after ten seconds of hitch-hiking. They explained that they moved to Ushuaia because it is very easy to find a job there, and the salaries are good as well. When we came back, we found everything covered with snow including our tent, which couldn´t hold the weight and collapsed.

In Ushuaia we started experiencing the cooking with our small pans. It wasn´t easy for us to cook in such small quantities but the effort paid off. We made different kinds of rice, pasta and spreads. For the way, we prepared 4 kilos of food, including two spreads we, Pesto and Tapenade.

We discovered a delicious bakery not far from the camping with ridiculous prices and regional pastries.

Take Off
After a few days of terrible weather, we woke up to a sunny day with clear sky so we decided to start cycling. It took us all morning to prepare our bikes for the trip, partly because of the first flat tire of Amit´s bike. In the following days we plan to cycle to warmer places hoping to get (eventually) to Peru. 

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                       Shoham & Amit
                     South America by Bicycle

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